The Bhutan Innovation and Technology Centre (BITC), located at the Thimphu TechPark in Bhutan, comprises three main components: a Business Incubator, a Shared Technology Centre and a Data Centre. The BITC's goal is to contribute to the economic and social development of Bhutan by supporting and facilitating high potential entrepreneurs and SMEs to grow into successful businesses.

To achieve this goal, BITC runs an Overseas Expert Programme (OEP). The objective of this programme is to facilitate training and teaching of the Bhutanese business community by visiting subject matter experts in subject areas relevant to business entrepreneurship, technology, management, sustainability and development areas. It is also expected that the OEP will raise awareness of BITC globally and tap into talent of all ages, particularly "third age" individuals and to provide a stimulating and lively learning, mentoring atmosphere within the BITC ecosystem.

The following are the overseas experts that have visited BITC and are associated with BITC so far. They are still available on request to advise BITC and its incubatees whenever we need their help/guidance.


Jeanette Ng - Singapore

Jeanette's career spans the world of private equity, investor's relations, crisis communication, natural resources, Manufacturing, distribution, education and training. She has structured and negotiated more than US$12 billion of cross border projects in mergers & acquisitions, corporate finance and investment projects within Asia, United States, Latin America and parts of Europe.
Date of engagement in BITC: May - June 2012

Zoltan Valcsicsak - Hungary

Zoltan is an economist and seasoned international business manager with keen interest and extensive experience in social and small enterprise development, emerging and transition market economies, and corporate social responsibility. He also has expertise in Microfinance and Corporate Social Responsibility in Practice.
Date of engagement : September - October 2012

Axel Kroker - Germany

Axel Kroker has been a management consultant for almost 19 years. Starting with Environmental Management, Quality, Health and Safety Management, he has advised large as well as small and medium enterprises in Sustainable Business Development and Total Quality Management.
Date of engagement : September 2012 - January 2013

Foad Hamidi - Canada

Foad Hamidi has advised incubatees on how to communicate effectively, and how to prepare powerful presentations besides sharing his knowledge in the latest developments and trends in computer science. Currently a PhD student in York University, Canada, specializing in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), he is expected to graduate this year (2013).
Date of engagement : April - June 2013

Naoyuki Teshima - Japan

Teshima has graduated from the prestigious University of Tokyo (Economics major) 1972, he joined the society of the international consulting professionals, major players such as Japan Management Systems, First Chicago Bank, Sanwa Research Institute, UFJ Institute, etc for about four decades, as he is now dubbed "Natural Born International Consultant". He has worked all over the world - Europe, South America, Africa and Asia.
Date of engagement : June - July 2013

What is the Overseas Expert Programme? 
An initiative where non-Bhutanese experts are given the opportunity to work based in the BITC for a period of 3-6 months and, in return, these experts share their knowledge and experience through mentoring and coaching of Bhutanese entrepreneurs operating in the BITC Business Incubator.

Who we are looking for?
This initiative is open to individuals of all ages, with a clearly proven skill or expertise in particular subject area. BITC is looking for open, collaborative and experienced business people who can help develop local Bhutanese entrepreneurs and link Bhutan up with international stakeholders.

What can BITC offer overseas experts?
Through the Overseas Expert Programme, BITC gives the unique opportunity to international experts to study, research or mentor at BITC, in the mountains of Bhutan, for a period of 3-6 months. The visiting expert can use the BITC as their work base and BITC, in turn, provides that facility at low/no cost. To ease the process of relocating to Bhutan, BITC can assist experts with visa and introductions for cost effective accommodation and other living arrangements.

What are the responsibilities of visiting experts?
BITC is intended to be an open and collaborative working environment and overseas experts are expected to contribute to this environment. Overseas experts are expected to share their experience and advice with Bhutanese entrepreneurs operating out of the BITC Business Incubator and in this way, build a more entrepreneurial and innovative culture in both BITC and Bhutan at large.

Overseas experts are expected to finance their stay in Bhutan. BITC can assist with locating accommodation, processing visas and settling into Thimphu but is unable to provide financing for the expert. If the overseas expert is able to acquire some form of sponsorship through their national government or an international organisation then this would be welcome. If this is not possible, BITC will do all it can to assist in locating sponsorship.

How to apply?
Candidates are invited to express their interest in joining the BITC Overseas Expert Programme by submitting a Letter of Motivation and CV by following the link at the bottom of this page. In the Letter of Motivation, applicants should include details on their area of expertise, the content and length of their intended work program in Bhutan and specific examples of how their experience can help to develop an entrepreneurial culture in Bhutan. Once received, the BITC Operations Manager will review your application and contact you for further discussion.

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