Applicants to the Bhutan Innovation and Technology Centre's incubator will be subjected to a six-stage selection process to determine their suitability and need for the services offered. This process begins with the business applying online by following the application procedure at the bottom of this page.

Once received, the application will be evaluated by our Incubator Manager according to the following criteria:

Projected viability of the business: your business must have potential to be commercially viable, as measured by revenues, employment and capacity to export or import.

Compatibility of the business to incubator principals and objectives: businesses incubated at the BITC should reinforce or not negatively impact the 4 GNH pillars of cultural promotion, equitable economic development, good governance and environmental conservation.

Suitability of the entrepreneur or business: we are looking for enterprising, self-motivated and energetic individuals with entrepreneurial skills. These individuals should be able to work collaboratively and openly with their colleagues and mentors in the spirit of the BITC.

Completion of the application package: to ensure we can fully and correctly evaluate your application, we strongly advise you to only apply once all fields in the application are complete and once you have a business plan and CVs attached.

Demonstrated need for the BITC services and facilities: applicants should be able to demonstrate a need for the incubator's services, whether that be the network of contacts, business services, mentoring or some other service provided.

Once a decision has been reached on your application, you will be informed either by phone or by email to communicate whether your application has been accepted, rejected or if more information is required. For a complete diagram of the selection process, all the way up to final acceptance and signing of an incubation contract, please follow this link.

To apply to the Bhutan Innovation and Technology Centre's business incubator, please follow the link below to the application form. In addition to filling out this application form, you will be required to submit the following documents with your application:

Business Plan Outline for BITC Incubator Application Process

  1. Executive summary
    • Brief description of: the project, the financing required and any other pertinent information about the project
  2. Business overview
    • Description of the business
    • Products and services
    • Pricing and distribution
    • Market segment
    • Competitive advantage
  3. Industry overview
    • Major players (suppliers, distributors, clients)
    • Competitors and type of competition
    • Risk factors
    • Nature of the industry
    • Trends in the industry
    • Government regulations
  4. Sales and marketing plan
    • Customers
    • Suppliers
    • Advertising and promotion
    • Pricing and distribution
  5. Operating plan
    • Business location and requirements / advantages/ lease details
    • Equipment / technology / research and development
  6. Human resources plan
    • Key employees: owners and key personnel
    • Policies and procedures
    • Number of employees and future employment growth projection
  7. Action Plan
    • Action plan and timetable
  8. Financial plan
    • Past and present performance (if applicable)
    • Forecasted future performance
    • Sources of debt and equity finance
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