Business Incubator

The Bhutan Innovation and Technology Centre (BITC) located in a 10,000 square feet space in Thimphu TechPark, Bhutan, is an initiative of the Ministry of Information and Communications with funding support from the World Bank through the Bhutan Private Sector Development Project. BITC is the first of its kind in Bhutan.

Comprising three pillars: a business incubator, a Shared Technology Centre and a data centre, the BITC contributes to the economic and social development of Bhutan and creates employment opportunities by supporting and facilitating high potential individuals and SMEs to grow into successful businesses. The Business Incubator: provides rental space, business services and access to financing for incubatee firms at a financially sustainable cost. As a mixed-use incubator, there is no sectoral requirement for incubated firms however each applicant will be submitted to rigorous evaluation by an expert selection committee.

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